How Does Microblogging Help Your Google Ranking?

Microblogging for SEO - DGM Global Marketing Solutions


As a web creator, is it better to focus on long- or short-form content? Long-form content can be useful for ranking well in relevant searches. But focusing on short-form content can help you quickly grab the attention of readers.

In addition, people seem to prefer shorter pieces. According to recent studies, 75 percent of the public prefers reading content under 1,000 words.

So why not push the concept of short-form content to the extreme?

What is microblogging?

Microblogging involves creating short-form content on a regular basis that’s based on a specific topic.

Focusing is important in order to avoid confusion about what to expect from you. If your content doesn’t seem connected people will be less likely to follow you.

Microblogging for SEO - DGM Global Marketing Solutions

Does microblogging make sense for you?

The short answer? It depends on your brand, voice, and goals.

If one of your goals is to grow your audience, you’ll need to create posts regularly. Since you can get away with sharing quick updates, your followers will expect consistent posts.

If you want to post things just for fun, not intending to grow an audience, then a blog that more resembles a journal or diary may be a better fit for you.

Although there are exceptions to every rule, microblogging seems to be the best strategy for business-to-consumer (B2C) brands rather than business-to-business (B2B) brands. Similarly, inherently visual brands (such as artists, physical products, and travel brands) will have an easier time getting attention with microblogging.

The most popular microblog platforms

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity’s Notes app apology for a misstep, you know that microblogging can happen everywhere, from more universally understood platforms like Tumblr to the seemingly less plausible, like Instagram Stories.

Twitter was the first platform to be referred to as a microblog, and it helped popularize the practice. Twitter is also associated with a strict character count. It forces you to articulate yourself concisely.

Meanwhile, Tumblr empowers users to express themselves in unique ways. People can share audio, GIFs, chats, text, video, and links. It’s a great platform for exploring your various interests and connecting with niche communities online.

Microblogging for SEO - DGM Global Marketing Solutions

People might not think of Instagram as a microblog, but it’s definitely not just about the images that people post. Stories and post captions can contain large blocks of text that aim to help document situations while creating connections with audience members. Facebook could also be considered a microblog.

You can use your social media platforms as ways to build an audience or try out shorter-form content. If this approach resonates, you can then incorporate microblogging as part of the content strategy on your business’s website or blog.

What to share on your microblog

Regardless of your focus, some types of content you could post on your microblog are:

  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • GIFs and memes that relate to your audience
  • Interesting conversations
  • Theories and observations
  • Your reaction to the news in real-time
  • What you’re doing right now

Microblogging often involves spur-of-the-moment posting, but success with this tactic depends on you consciously strategizing around consistently adding new content.

Focusing on shorter content can help you build a community around your site and create the kind of content that readers are looking for.

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