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Our company helps to boost your online visibility by serving your business information to consumers when they are searching for your service online or when they are scrolling through their favorite social media platform. We offer a complete suite of online solutions to businesses in and around Atlanta. We decided early on to offer in-house services that are managed and directed by our local team in Atlanta. We utilize talented designers, coders and business professionals located in the United States.  

We understand that your time is valuable and want to provide continuity without the hassle of dealing with several agencies. 

We are not at the “Mercy” of another company when it comes to creating effective local advertising solutions. 

What sets us apart from other online agencies is that we are a small business just like you. We build infrastructures online and relationships with our clients. We have had the honor to manage many successful local businesses right here in Atlanta.

The writing team at DGM Global consists of local individuals and occasionally we refer to an out of state writer or two for industry-specific content. For specialty articles, blogs or website content, our Lead Worker Bee is known to take over the project.

What are some of the SEO methods commonly used?  

First, let us tell you that to rank organically there is a series of actions that will work together and produce organic (unpaid) search results on Google and other search engines. Listed here are a few basic functions that must be performed in order to achieve organic ranking.

Get Better Local Results

We encourage our clients to utilize Google My Business for better local search results and Yext is our preferred listing management platform. Yext feeds your local business information to hundreds of online directories, social media platforms and gathers reviews from the web all in one portal. Yext is a great platform tool to achieve continuity across your business listings.  Get started NOW. 

Boost your local online presence and get results by allowing us to implement solid strategies. We offer our digital marketing services to local businesses and professionals in the area. 

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