2019 Marketing World Advancements

Innovations in Advertisement 



The Digital Marketing world in Atlanta and around the world is always updating and evolving. Advancements in technology such as AI has actually, created a need for more employee involvement. AI can track the best factors for engaging and driving performance to your company but they lack the “organic sharing power” and storytelling abilities of human beings.

The reality is that the more robots speak to us, the higher the need for employees is. The information has to be shared and created. AI will force us to “reconsider what we create and why.”


Voice search devices become more involved in our lives every day. Because of this, we can expect that this hands-free technology will become increasingly standard, especially in significant areas such as Atlanta, Georgia.

Essentially, this means more opportunities for marketing. Companies such as Amazon have already predicted this by asking clients to agree to receive “marketing communications,” for more affordable Kindle devices.



Social Media

Social media will continue to make its presence known in every area of our lives and become truly integrated with both on and offline services.” Most of the apps on our phone already share data with social media, and this means marketers can understand their customers more deeply. This allows marketers can target more sophisticated offers and services for their clients using AI algorithms.

Companies currently use social to run marketing ads; more recently, it has become a way for “influencers” to share their product and services. Hiring social media influencers to appeal to their engaged audience has become very common. For marketers, this doesn’t mean recruiting influencers with a large number of followers but those who followers engage on a personal level.

Video Marketing 

It is time to recognize the power of creating video ads. A simple indication being the increase in live streaming and video ads on social media networks like Facebook and Snapchat.
Advertisement through videos has already proven to be an incredibly effective way to boost engagement. If you haven’t already engaged in video marketing into your advertisement, it isn’t too late to begin.



Digital Marketing

The digital marketing world is ever evolving. As technology advances, we must learn to work alongside them. Social Media will continue to be heavily involved in our lives, and video marketing becomes more vital to marketing every day.

Here at DGM Global Marketing Solutions, we pride ourselves in staying current with the latest innovations in marketing strategies and implications.

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