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Digital Knowledge Management Platforms such as Yext provide a portal that captures your company’s business listing data and provides a common area to view and manage your information. This information includes reviews, clicks to your website, phone calls, social media data, and more. These types of platforms allow you to take control of your digital presence. If you are like most business owners you do not have time to manage those platforms effectively. We have experience in setting those platforms up and optimizing them so your business brand can be developed across the digital world.

Yext is a powerful digital knowledge platform we recommend Yext and many other digital platforms to achieve business success online.

Digital Knowledge Management Platforms such as Yext have to be properly set up and managed to get the most out of them. We specialize in optimizing your business on YEXT.

We can correct your information and respond to reviews all in one place. Of course, we can also measure results-driven from various listings and the partners of those platforms.

This allows us to improve your strategy and optimize your online presence. It’s affordable and essential for local businesses and nationally based companies to maximize their opportunities and build their brand. Many platforms provide data for your search results and paid online campaigns on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, others focus merely on business directories and reviews.  “Social Media Management Platforms” such as Hootsuite or Hubspot is a big deal and allows postings on most social sites from one portal.

The industry you are in will determine which platforms we recommend for your business to be successful. Google Analytics will always remain our main platform for search engine marketing and measuring your results for organic and paid search.

Why is Yext so important?

The simple answer is that Yext is superior to many other Digital Knowledge Management Platforms because of the leadership team, the technology used, and Yext’s CEO Howard Lerman who has lead thousands of small and large businesses to success.

Yext’s mission is to give small and large companies control over their brand in the digital universe. This includes maps (Google included) search engines, voice search with Amazon’s Alexa, and other intelligence services that drive consumer discovery, decision, and action.

Yext is a publicly-traded company and we believe that there is no better platform than Yext for our local businesses to gain control over their brand and business information.  We love working with the friendly team at Yext.

Choose us to manage your Digital Knowledge Management Platforms

Gain control over you your digital brand. Our team is familiar with many Digital Knowledge Management Platforms and is comfortable managing them or training your team and staff to do so. Knowledge Platforms that allow us to manage information for your business to better target and connect with your audience are only effective if you manage them. If you allow us to manage the data, we can improve your bottom line and provide feedback to you and your staff so you can achieve optimal results with any acknowledgment software. Yext uses all cloud-based software for their self-service platform.

We can effectively negotiate pricing and contract terms with 3rd parties for our clients. We maintain long-term relationships and direct contacts right here in the US. Allow us to manage all of your listings and platforms. The list for Digital Knowledge Management Software is long, but only a few make it to the top. The Top 5 Knowledge Management Softwares, include Zendesk, Bloomfire, Yext, Freshservice, and Helpjuice.

Local Business Listing Creation & Management

Business listing management such as “Google My Business” can be a never-ending task and requires weekly and sometimes daily attention. Setting the listings up correctly, to making sure your information remains up to date can be time-consuming and also requires some knowledge about each individual platform.

Though technically “Google My Business” can be managed from the Yext platform, it still requires regular logins and tweaking directly from Google My Business. Optimizing your Google listing is essential for your local business to successfully show up on local maps and search without paying extra for Pay Per Click.  Though Pay Per Click is a necessary addition for most industries to remain competitive, it should always be an add-on not the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

Online Directories & Review Management Platforms

We believe in Yext and use it as our main DKP (Digital Knowledge Platform) however, there are still many online directories that are industry-specific and those require to be managed manually for now.

Medical directories we consistently manage include Realself. Realself is the largest medical review platform in the USA dedicated to Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics.

Avvo specializes in gathering reviews and sending leads to law practices across the USA.  Though both Avvo and Realself require to be managed by Physicians and Attorneys, the set up of the initial business information, offers, and correspondence with customer service are frequently managed by our team at DGM Global Marketing Solutions.  Additional directories that are in high demand that we have to manage separately include BBB listings and the local chamber of commerce listings for various counties.

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