WordPress Site Management

Often web designers do not optimize and code the site in such a fashion in which search engines can crawl the information on the site. Web designers are not developers in most cases. This means you have a beautifully designed website that does no show up on searches without paid advertising because the important language on the backend is missing.

Website developers specialize in coding websites to help you appear in searches. We work with web designers and coders to set your website up for success.

Our goal is to optimize your pages so that search engines can crawl and serve the information to the consumer searching for your particular service.

Remember that your site is only as good as the information you provide about your business and your services. The most important part is to keep your site updated to current standards and continue to provide your consumers with relevant content and topics that explain the services that you offer NOW versus 5 years ago.

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a site, online portal, or application and you make contact only to find out that the company no longer offers the service you are looking for. Updating content and your internal links are essential for your business’s credibility. Though technology will sometimes fail you, it should be an occasional error, not a constant.

Our WordPress Site Management includes a variety of services and you will be glad to have us by your side to keep your site fresh and up-to-date. A lot of local business owners do a great job publishing blogs but fail when it comes to important updates that are essential to keep your site functional and up to date. A few of the basics are mentioned here. If you have particular management needs for your WordPress Site just ask us during your consultation.

We work with local designers and coders and can also help to manage your current WordPress design project. It is not uncommon for us to write content for the designer you hired, making it a seamless project and speeding up the process at the same time.

Plugins for your WordPress site must be updated fairly often in order for forms and other integrations on your website to function well. WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg have been rolled out, but Gutenberg does not have enough of a track record yet to determine the pros and cons of this new tool. The server controlled by your hosting company is ultimately responsible for the speed of your site, which is important because your site needs to load fast, particularly because of all the mobile searches.

If you are interested in creating online appointment forms, surveys, or even update your sign-up forms for email campaigns, we can assist in doing so. No matter where your WordPress Site is hosted, we can help you manage the backend of your site and give you feedback on top hosting companies. We often team up with GoWP for WordPress tasks and we think that FlyWheel and WP-Engine offer solid hosting solutions for WordPress sites in the US. GoDaddy is also a decent platform for basic hosting, domain hosting, and email hosting.

Content Writing Services

Our Content Writing services are competitively priced and industry-specific content for your business is written by our local team. We welcome other local businesses to contact us for our writing services. Who has time to write about their services and then optimize it for SEO. Writing your own content can be challenging. You need graphics, a specific amount of words, and you must follow SEO guidelines in order for your content to be found and shared.

We are available to take this type of task off your plate. Ellen and her team are committed to rolling out the red carpet for you. You can contact us anytime during business hours to help with your online WordPress Task. We have several solutions payment solutions and also offer monthly services at Flat Fees.

Lets work together!

Creating Branding for Local Business Owners

Being able to take a small business to the top without breaking the bank is not an art, it is simply teamwork. We love creating effective strategies for local companies in and around Atlanta.

Because it can be challenging to compete in a marketplace where large businesses have more money and time to dedicate to their online marketing strategy we decided to STEP IN! Our team can help you improve your online presence. View a full list of our services.

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