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Our Story began when Ellen J. Jackson, the founder and Business Leader of DGM Global Marketing Solutions walked away from corporate in 2011. Ellen founded DGM Global Marketing Solutions after leaving AT&T Advertising Solutions where she spent 6 years climbing the corporate ladder. She started as an Advertising Executive and then became a leader in the Advertising Industry.

Founder and CEO Ellen Jeanette Jackson AKA Head Worker Bee at DGM Global Marketing Solutions.

Our Goal is to offer local businesses the opportunity to spend their online marketing dollars effectively with the best results and without being pressured into long-term contracts. 

Spending one on one time with my clients was something I set out to do from the get-go. My belief is that without really knowing the culture of any local business we cannot help maximize conversions and cannot minimize unnecessary expense. Initially, we offered WordPress Website Design Services and Social Media Advertising. By 2012 my local Atlanta based company evolved into a real online marketing and consulting firm, except with a more personal touch than your average digital agency. 

Because of the need for personalized programs our team was determined to create a concierge model for small businesses in the local area. What that meant to my clients is that they could count on my involvement with all marketing and branding, but in addition, I also decided to incorporate 3rd party industry-specific platforms to assure maximum ROI for all of my clients. I hired local talent that has been by my side in some capacity since the initial launch. Whatever services we are not set up for we can refer out to a dependable 3rd party without any markup and simply manage the process for you. You are busy running your business so let us help you with all of your online marketing needs.

Companies we love to work with! 

GoWP is our go-to company for WordPress tasks, and Call Rail is a local company that we utilize to track phone calls coming from your WordPress Site and any other campaigns we initiate. As of recent YEXT is one of our favorite 3rd party online platform management systems.  

Our team manages many online platforms that can help your business remain relevant and competitive in your industry and my team of coders and designers stay on the cutting edge of technology which ables me to spend quality time with my clients.  I remain the face of my company.

Because DGM Global Marketing Solution was designed to be a “Concierge Marketing Firm” we decided to keep it small and intimate for now. The only way to retain our services is to meet and discuss your business goals and expectations and what you envision when it comes to online marketing.


It’s one thing to create and send potential leads to your business, but it’s another to convert them into a client. This is why it is important to improve your inbound marketing strategies and work on continued retention of existing clients. This can be achieved by staying involved in your marketing and making sure that your staff is onboard and informed about all the ongoing changes in your business. 


If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you grow your business contact us by phone today. You can also email us to ellen@dgmglobal.com or submit the appointment request form below.

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