Delegate Your Online Marketing Tasks

Delegate your Online Marketing Tasks

Giving You The White Glove Treatment

We understand you are busy in your profession and want to provide you with peace of mind while providing effective solutions for your business. Let us help you with all of your online marketing needs and more. Let us build a solid marketing infrastructure that infrastructure that will allow customers to find your business with ease. increase  Delegate your everyday marketing tasks to us so you can attend to growing your

The benefits of delegating your online marketing tasks to us

  • Reducing business expenses
  • Increased flexibility
  • Effective use of your time
  • Reliability
  • Stress reduction
  • Stability/ increased profit

When your day gets busy, you often lose the ability to complete other activities that are crucial to running and maintaining a profitable business.

Hiring DGM Global Marketing Solutions frees up time so you have more flexibility to run your business like before. Dealing with vendors and salespeople can be a real interruption to the flow of business. Send those calls to us and let us filter through which vendors need to be contacted back based on your business needs.

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About me "Ellen Jeanette Jackson" I left my corporate career as a sales leader and manager of a fortune 500 company in 2011, never looked back and decided to open my own advertising agency shortly after. I can often be found at my office in front of the computer collaborating with my team and freelancers. I love creating effective digital strategies, writing content, managing social media, knowledge platforms, attending seminars, and rolling out the red carpet for my clients. When I am not working I am traveling, as any native European should. I am committed to staying involved in the day-to-day operations and love helping my clients grow their business.

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