How Does Voice Search Affect Your Business’s Search Ranking?

Is Your Business Ready for Voice Search?

Voice search optimization - DGM Global Marketing Solutions can help you rank higher

Voice search devices allow users to access search engines and browse the web for products, local services, and answers to questions.


As voice search technology becomes upgraded with smarter speech recognition abilities. The popularity of searching for products, services, and local businesses via our voice devices is in on the rise. In fact, 71% of web users would rather utilize voice assistant instead of type searches.

What does Voice Search mean for you and your business?

It means that its time to, slowly, start changing the written content of your websites, blogs, and business listing posts. Make the keyphrases and keywords in your post include the questions that your potential clients are asking.


Instead of searches written like “Best Spaghetti Recipes,” someone using voice assistant would ask “What is the best spaghetti recipe? “.

Voice search optimization Dgm global marketing

Amazon Alexa is a voice optimization device that has become an essential part to many people’s daily life.

Take this into account when changing those keyphrases and do not make them choppy. Write the phrases in your content as your audience would ask them aloud. Then, of course, answer the subject.

You would want to make these changes slowly because most web users still type their questions. Still, make sure you are integrating the necessary updates because by 2020 30% of users will use voice search and those numbers will continue to rise. Thankfully, when it comes to SEO, longer keyphrases will only improve your ranking. So most importantly, make sure that your content is readable and makes sense. It’s also important to understand that the voice search devices are using business locations near the consumer. This is because these results facilitate users who are looking for certain services and products.

Voice Search and Location

Google My business helps voice search optimization and boost local search results - DGM Global Marketing

Google My Business is a free tool offered by Google to boost your company website organically. Add hours, location, phone number, and other company information.


Your google business listing is vital when it comes to SEO ranking for voice search as well as typed searches. This is because Google allows businesses to add there physical location, hours, and services. Take advantage of these free tools. They can make you rank higher for the searches that enable the “near me” feature.


The “near me” feature answers the user’s search, with a physical business location.

“Where is the closest Italian restaurant?”

When your listing includes your location, you will rank higher for voice search and SEO. This is important for searches that may not immediately need the physical location, but can later benefit the user’s needs.

For example;

Say you are a roofing company that offers contracting advice on your blog. A user searches for what to expect during a roofing project. They search and come across an article on your blog. Imagine they like what they read. Then find out your company is a roofing contractor that is available in their area. They’re then, more likely to hire your company. This is why it is vital to incorporate your business’s city and state in the content you write. As well as in the snippets that each web page includes.

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets and Voice Search- DGM Global Marketing Solutions will help your business rank high for SEO

The featured snippet is a preview into the webpage of your site that is relevant to the users’ search. This tool is vital to voice search devices.

Snippets generalize the content of each published article or page on a website. Search engines AND voice search devices use snippets. They make sure the user’s results are a better fit for what they inquiring.
This is why it’s important to write and answer the questions your potential clients are likely to ask. ESPECIALLY, for voice search.

Voice search devices, typically only give the user one result. Write quality content, so you can become that number one search result.

Optimizing your Website for Voice Search 

A critical factor when it comes to voice search is the content of your website. However, another factor that contributes to the ranking of your site is site speed. Voice search devices need to work quickly to generate results. When your sites speed is too slow, your site likely will not even to be considered by these devices. Utilize web tools like Page Speed Insights. It can make sure your web page is loading fast enough and if not, how to increase the speed. Remember that your mobile site has different features that affect its speed. Be sure to check your sites using both computer and mobile portals.

DGM Global Marketing Solutions helps you rank higher in SEO and for Voice Search devices.

Voice Search allows users to search the web without lifting a finger, make sure you are updating your site pages, and post so can rank higher on search engines.

Voice search devices utilize and constantly update smart search technology. Making your website’s content more relevant to your audience is essential. So remember;
Optimize the written content of your site (ask and answer the questions your potential clients are asking)
-Make your featured snippets relevant to the key phrases your audience is searching.
-Add your geolocation to the content of your site. Make sure that it makes sense to the context of your writing.
-Make sure your computer and mobile site speed are quick.

These factors are fundamental for businesses to show up in voice searches and will increase your ranking for SEO as well.

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