Best Methods in SEO – #1 Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization Strategies are essential to the success of your website and, therefore, your company’s success. SEO is an important part of any online marketing strategy and can help both customers and prospects find you when searching for related products and services. PPC ( Pay per Click) can also help your business but remember it is costly and if you do not build your SEO infrastructure your online business success can be compromised when PPC campaigns are turned off. You want to develop a strategy that includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Online Directory Listing Management, and Email Campaigns to stay top of mind with your targeted audience.

A solid SEO strategy can also complement other areas of digital marketing. Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies also require the implementation of Social Media. With the holidays around the corner, let’s take a moment to look at your Search Engine Optimization Strategies. Are they right – or are they wrong? Did you know that implementing Google My Business into your strategy can help your business be found faster?

Using Keywords Properly: 

Despite ongoing changes in the formula used by Google to organize search directories, using smart keywords will remain a top-notch SEO strategy. However, the process of using keywords has changed. In easier days, developers could stuff websites with keywords and appear atop search engine results, regardless of context. Now, this practice (known as “keyword stuffing”) can have your website severely penalized, or worse, your website pages will be blocked altogether. Providing information that is useful to the end user is what allows your website to rank. Of course, there are many other factors which include Social Medica Marketing and Google Business Listing Management for an example.


Connecting people with businesses locally - Search Engine Optimization Strategies by DGM Global Marketing Solutions

Connecting people with businesses locally. Search Engine Optimization Strategies by DGM Global Marketing Solutions.


You should always instruct your marketing team to focus on keyword topics to show your audience that your website is relevant. Think about how you’d search for your product or service. You might not type “Auto Detailing Atlanta” into your search bar, but instead, you might tell Alexa to search for a local business by its name or by location and services offered.  Since more and more people use voice search at their home and even in their cars, it might be beneficial to check into how to rank for voice search.

 Search Engine Optimization Strategies by DGM Global Marketing Solutions


Yext, for example, has partnered with Amazon and now has a direct connection to Alexa. We all know Alexa is Amazon’s pride and joy. This means that businesses that use Yext as an ONLINE DIRECTORY Platform, can benefit from voice searches conducted by Alexa, as those businesses already utilizing Yext are going to be preferred business listings when it comes to voice searchers using Alexa to find a local business.

Local Search results are also often improved by how consistent your business name and location is listed on local online directories and social media, as well as on the Google My Business Listing (f your business has a location).  It is best to make sure that your website has links to those listings and that your marketing team makes mention of your name, location, and services offered on mostly all pages relevant.

Far too many businesses focus solely on analytics and automated reports rather than actual results (conversions). Measure only the metrics that matter in terms of your specific SEO Campaign. This could include the number of people visiting your website or the number of people converting after finding you on search engines.

You should never place too much emphasis on keyword reports alone. Many of them are overstuffed with metrics that don’t focus on your bottom line. After all, the point is to earn more customers and – in turn – more money. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Employing a well rounded Marketing Strategy will work wonders for your Business!

Branding requires consistency across all online media. Create a powerful strategy by implementing a powerful online directory platform.


If you focus solely on Search Engine Optimization Strategies and expect immediate results, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You need to spread your focus to other marketing strategies like social media pages, directory listings, and creating a broad range of information that is attractive and helpful to the consumer.

A good SEO strategy will take time to gain traction. 3-6 months could pass before you see a significant improvement in your bottom line. Give search engines an opportunity to crawl your website and make updates by pairing your Search Engine Optimization Strategies with a well-rounded marketing program. Of course, you can also use Webmaster Tools to manually submit important pages and information to Google to push those pages to be crawled faster. Don’t forget to create a sitemap for your website so Google can effectively crawl your site.

 Check for Continuity when it comes to your “Business Listings Online”

When you start using Search Engine Optimization Strategies, take a moment to ensure your business information is consistent across the web. When your business name, address, and phone number are displayed inconsistently, potential customers are confused – and so are search engines. If your information is stored in multiple different places, match these platforms with the data presented on your website.

Checking for Inconsistencies will take time! 

You should consistently update and check this information via Google by searching for your business name, since certain websites may post listings for your company without asking and often that information is wrong or contains only partial information. These 3rd party websites will often edit your information if you provide manual revisions to them.

Sign Up with Yext – This may be one of the most effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies

The better tactic is to subscribe to Yext to avoid any inconsistent Business Listing information across the internet. It is fairly inexpensive to do so, on average less than $900 per year to have 50+ online directory listings + social media platforms all in one area. In addition, their knowledge base incorporates reviews gathered across the internet and informs you’re of any new reviews written. You can also respond to those reviews directly from your Yext Platform once you sign up. We love managing Yext’s platform and charge a flat fee to create and manage your business listing directory on Yext after you sign your business up. We have a direct contact at Yext and we do not look at Yext as competition, rather a way to enhance your online strategy. If you want to receive savings extended to us by Yext, and are interested in Management of this amazing platform, please contact us by emailing us to

Relying on Common Sense Tactics 

Search engines like Google created algorithms to organize the internet. The intention was to place authority websites (those with the most useful information) at the top. The very concept of SEO focuses on quality website information (content) and businesses that offer real, tangible services.

The easiest way to organize effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies? Create a website that you’d want to visit yourself. Cheating the system is like placing a self-destruct button on your website. The moment Google or Bing push that button, you’ll have to start over.

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